Where Do We Go From Here? is a collection of short stories, edited by Isaac Asimov.

The collection was deliberately created to show that science fiction, in Asimov's words, "has the potential as an inspiring and useful teaching device." His stated goal in the introduction is to "inspire curiosity and lead the student into lines of questioning of his own that may interest and excite him, and may even determine the future direction of his career." After each story, Asimov comments on the story's scientific authenticity and historical context and then poses questions to the reader to make them think about the contents.


1. "A Martian Odyessy", by Stanley G. Weinbaum
2. "Night", Don A. Stuart
3. "The Day is Done", Lester del Rey
4. "Heavy Planet", Milton A. Rothman
5. "--And He Built a Crooked House--", Robert A. Heinlein
6. "Proof", Hal Clement
7. "A Subway Named Mobius", A.J. Deutsch
8. "Surface Tension", James Blish
9. "Country Doctor", William Morrison
10. "The Holes Around Mars", Jerome Bixby
11. "The Deep Range", Arthur C. Clarke
12. "The Cave of Night", James E. Gunn
13. "Dust Rag", Hal Clement
14. "Pâté de Foie Gras", Isaac Asimov
15. "Omnilingual", H. Beam Piper
16. "The Big Bounce", Walter S. Tevis
17. "Neutron Star", Larry Niven