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The Stars, Like Dust is a 1951 science-fiction book by writer Isaac Asimov.

This article, The Stars, Like Dust, contains spoilers. Be forewarned, plot and/or ending details follow.
Asimov says you decide.


It is widely considered as one of Asimov's worst works, even by the author himself. Part of Asimov's Empire series, the story involves a search for an ancient document that will help govern the galaxy. The document is ultimately revealed to be the United States Constitution.

Asimov noted in his autobiography that the genesis of the Constitution subplot lay with H. L. Gold, editor of Galaxy magazine. Asimov felt that Gold's judgement was at fault by attributing too much power to the Constitution as a document. Asimov later considered the premise highly improbable, and became annoyed at Gold for having persuaded him to insert the subplot into the novel. Whatever Asimov's opinion of the novel, he never actually withdrew it from publication.


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