Terminus City was the capital city of Terminus, and the home to a number of noteworthy places, including:

  • City Hall—the primary administrative building of the Foundation (and later the Foundation Federation), including the Council Chambers and Mayor's Office
  • City Hall Park
  • Cyclopedia Square
  • Flexner—suburb
  • The Hardin Building—a public apartment complex
  • Mallow Hall—a concert venue
  • The Salvor Hardin Museum of Origins—more commonly called the Hardin Museum, a museum of Foundation history, known to house the copies of the original Encyclopedia Galactica
  • The Seldon Vault—where messages recorded by Hari Seldon before his death were played to relay important information to the citizens of the Foundation, around the times of the Seldon Crises.
  • Terminus Spaceport
  • Ultimate Spaceport

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