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Second Foundation cover
Cover for Asimov's Second Foundation

Second Foundation is a novel written by Isaac Asimov. It is the last of the classic Foundation Trilogy in the Foundation Series. The book is made up of two parts which were originally published separately in Astounding Science Fiction.  The first part appeared in the January 1948 issue of Astounding under the title "Now You See It --", while the second appeared in the November 1949, December 1949, and January 1950 issues under the title "-- And Now You Don't".

This article, Second Foundation (novel), contains spoilers. Be forewarned, plot and/or ending details follow.
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Plot Edit

It is written in two distinct parts:

Part I: Search By the Mule is about The Mule's search for the elusive Second Foundation, with the intent of destroying it. In the end the First Speaker of the Second Foundation telepathically modifies the Mule to make him not care about finding the Second Foundation.

Part II: Search By the Foundation takes place a few decades after the first part, some years after the Mule's death (by natural causes). The members of the First Foundation are now fully aware that the Second Foundation is out there (they had known of its existence all along). Also the Foundation's ongoing conflict with the Mule's former imperial capital at Kalgan. The ensuing war is won by the Foundation, and is listed in the Encyclopedia Galactica as the last major conflict before the rise of the Second Empire.

After inventing a device that jams telepathic abilities while simultaneously causing telepaths great pain, the Foundation finds and locates telepaths on Terminus, "at the other end of the galaxy" (from the first Foundation, also at Terminus). Since, as one character puts it, "a circle has no end". Thus, they declare the Second Foundation destroyed after finding roughly 50 mentalic agents on Terminus.

The Second Foundation was actually located on Trantor, at the centre of the galaxy. It was called Star's End due to the ancient saying that "All roads lead to Trantor, and that is where all stars end". The location was also said to fit the "other end of the galaxy" location since the galaxy is not in fact a disc but a spiral - and from the edge, the other end of the a spiral lies at the centre. The book also noted that Hari Seldon was a social scientist, not a physical one. When the two Foundations were founded, they could be described as being at opposite social ends of the Galaxy - with Trantor at the very center of galactic power and prestige and Terminus at the other extreme.

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