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Gaia is a living and conscious planet. It is inhabited by a special race with mental powers created by R. Daneel Olivaw. It appears in Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth.

Asimov describes the planet as a collection of cells much like prokaryote cells on our planet. The cells are not conscious by themselves, the whole planet is the conscious one. The planet can communicate with its beings and gives them special abilities like mind control. When Bliss talks about herself she says: I-we-Gaia showing that their minds are intertwined in a way that no human can understand. Some scholars see the name of the planet like a parody of some new religious movements of his time who adored the Earth as a conscious planet. Asimov probably based this planet on the Gaia Hypothesis, the idea that Earth was a living being, of which humans were only a constituent element. In Foundation's Edge, Golan Trevize makes a decision that will see the expansion of Gaia to become Galaxia.

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