Forward the Foundatio cover

Cover for Asimov's Forward the Foundation

Forward the Foundation is a novel written by Isaac Asimov. It is one of two prequels to the Foundation series.

This article, Forward the Foundation, contains spoilers. Be forewarned, plot and/or ending details follow.
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The story takes place on Trantor, and picks up ten years after the events of Prelude to Foundation. It depicts how Hari Seldon developed his theory of Psychohistory from hypothetical concept and "set of vague axioms" to "profound statistical science" and practical application in galactic events.

In the latter years of the reign of Cleon I, Hari becomes involved in galactic politics and he becomes Cleon's First Minister after the mysterious disappearance of his previous First Minister, Eto Demerzel.

Gradually the people close to Hari die and Seldon is left with grand-daughter Wanda, whom Hari encourages to begin the Second Foundation.

Hari finally begins to unravel the secrets of psychohistory; he initiates a grand plan that will come to create, with great fanfare and publicity, the First Foundation on the planet Terminus and, shrouded in secrecy, the Second Foundation on Trantor itself.

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